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№12 (108) – декабрь 2011

  • Happy Holiday Cocktails / Cuisine
  • My Fashion Shocks in London / London
  • Why do the English hate Christmas / Opinion
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Creating a King

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Creating a King / Cultperson

Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has two roles of prominent kings under his belt – the King of Rock’n’Roll and King of England. Starring in the CBS mini-series Elvis (2005) brought him an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe win.

Фильмы о ведомых сердцем

Фильмы о ведомых сердцем / Cinema

Канун Нового Года – это страшный период жизни. Это время, когда все люди, скупая подарочную чушь и озадачиваясь местом и компанией проведения праздника, отвлекают себя от необходимости подводить итоги. Что я успел? Насколько в действительности важно то, что все-таки успел?

Happy Holiday Cocktails

Happy Holiday Cocktails / Cuisine

The holidays are a favorite time of year for many people. This cheery season is filled with parties and events that bring the spirit of the season out in everyone. As a part of these festivities there are some wonderful drinks that you can serve to fit the holiday theme perfectly.

What's Next For Brand Beckham?

What's Next For Brand Beckham? / Sport

He’ll probably never play for England again. He is becoming increasingly prone to fouling younger, faster opponents. Deepening grooves mark the onset of middle age in that perfect face. If the 35-year-old player is fading, Beckham the brand is simply entering a new phase.

Why Everything You Thought You Knew About History Is Wrong

Why Everything You Thought You Knew About History Is Wrong / History

History is bunk, said American industrialist Henry Ford. Now we want to back him up — with some very surprising examples. Read about Lady Godiva who never rode through the streets naked... and the other historical 'facts' that aren't true.

World’s Strangest New Year Traditions

World’s Strangest New Year Traditions / Tradition

From swinging fireballs to gobbling grapes, 10 wacky ways of welcoming the New Year.

What do foreigners think about Ukraine?

What do foreigners think about Ukraine? / Lifetime

Since their childhood people have always been interested in many things. When you are a toddler or a child at the nursery school your interests are limited. It doesn’t really matter for you if your country is big or small, rich or poor, powerful or not. Then, while you are growing, your horizons become wider and wider.

My Fashion Shocks in London

My Fashion Shocks in London / London

Do you remember Sting singing that he was an alien in New York? Yup, it’s difficult to feel at home in a foreign country, especially if it’s grey old London. If you want to know how Londoners deal with that constant drizzle and get closer to them, you should find out how they dress. Here are my reflections of London dressing habits.

Why do the English hate Christmas

Why do the English hate Christmas / Opinion

The English year is punctuated by national calendrical holidays: some are mere commas, others are more important semi-colons; the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve are the final full stop. Most calendrical rites were originally religious events, often ancient pagan festivals appropriated by Christianity, but the Christian significance of many of these rites is largely ignored.

Don your best bib and tucker and celebrate!

Don your best bib and tucker and celebrate! / Vocabulary

Dressed (up) to kill: He liked Western women least when they were all dressed to kill. — Европейские дамы нравились ему меньше всего, когда они были в сногсшибательных туалетах. We're not used to seeing people all dressed up to kill - like you. — Мы не привыкли к таким расфуфыренным особам, как ты. She is always dressed to kill — На ней всегда сногсшибательный костюм.

Done Up Like a Christmas Tree

Done Up Like a Christmas Tree / Idioms

Cancel someone's Christmas — убить; устроить веселую жизнь (the idea is that the dead person will not live until Christmas): If he keeps bugging me, I'm gonna cancel his Christmas — Если он будет мне надоедать, я ему устрою веселую жизнь. He threatened to cancel my Christmas if I didn't pay up — Парень пригрозил убить меня, если я не заплачу

Office Humor

Office Humor / LifeUP

Best Things to say if Caught Sleeping At Your Desk...
• "They told me at the blood bank this might happen." 
• "This is just a 15 minute power-nap as described in that time management course you sent me." 
• "Whew! Guess I left the top off the White-Out. You probably got here just in time!"

Как хохотать до слез по-английски

Как хохотать до слез по-английски / Nota bene

Смеяться любят все без исключения. Поэтому, наверняка интересно узнать какими глаголами обозначается смех в английском языке. Нейтральные “смеяться” и “улыбаться” знают все – laugh и smile. Ну, а если речь пойдет о хихиканье или о громком хохотании, о заразительном смехе или смехе сквозь слезы?

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