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Done Up Like a Christmas Tree

Done Up Like a Christmas Tree

Cancel someone's Christmas — убить; устроить веселую жизнь (the idea is that the dead person will not live until Christmas): If he keeps bugging me, I'm gonna cancel his Christmas — Если он будет мне надоедать, я ему устрою веселую жизнь. He threatened to cancel my Christmas if I didn't pay up — Парень пригрозил убить меня, если я не заплачу

Beauty is as Beauty does

Beauty is as Beauty does

Somebody’s beauty sleep
1) The sleep that someone needs in order to feel healthy and look attractive (humorous): If you don't mind, I'm going to bed now. I have to get my beauty sleep. — Если вы не возражаете, я уже пойду спать.

British Tea

British Tea

Tea is a universal drink – it can be drunk in the heat and cold, hot and iced. In the United Kingdom tea isn’t necessary accompanied with sweets and cakes. Britain has a long tradition tea consuming. In many parts of England, particularly the North West and North East and in many parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, tea is still used to mean the main evening meal.

Which Idiom to Use at the Party?

Which Idiom to Use at the Party?

Two women are talking about another woman who just walked in the room. One woman says, “Look at her, she must be poor because of the way she is dressed.” What is your response?

Party expressions

Party expressions

Smb’s party piece (British) коронный номер;?коронный трюк;?фишка?(трюки вроде шевеления ушами, жонглирования и проч., которые показывают на веселых вечеринках): Chris can wiggle his ears - it’s his party piece. — Коронная фишка Криса – шевелить ушами.

Everything’s better with CHOCOLATE

Everything’s better with CHOCOLATE

White. Milk. Dark. Plain. Melted. In small colored spheres. In portable kisses. In bars. In cups. With peanut butter. With nuts. With caramel. With raspberry. With croissants. With strawberry. With orange. With coffee. With pretzels. With cookies. With chocolate. Everything’s better with chocolate. Good days, Bad days, the Apocalypse, PMS, Christmas.

Let’s go Dutch?

Let’s go Dutch?

Why not British or French or Chinese or German?


Why are there so many idioms containing “Dutch” in English? 
Basically, because the English disliked the Dutch. In the 17th century, England and the Netherlands were at each other’s throats. Both wanted maritime superiority for economic reasons, especially control of the sea routes from the rich spice islands of the East Indies. The Dutch were powerful... 


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