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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Creating a King / Cultperson

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Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has two roles of prominent kings under his belt – the King of Rock’n’Roll and King of England. Starring in the CBS mini-series Elvis (2005) brought him an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe win. The role of Henry VIII has earned Rhys Meyers two Golden Globe nominations and strengthened his abilities because of the many facets of the character.

Most screen versions of Henry VIII have been a little overweight, to say the least... Choosing for the role of the King of England a slim and young actor, the American cable television channel Showtime wanted to open the character up to different generations who might start getting interested in characters of that time. But once young women flip through the textbooks expecting to see a young hot guy, they are going to be tragically disappointed. By the time Henry VIII died he didn’t cut as trim a figure being around 300 lbs. [136 kg] of pure fat and ulcerated legs.

Henry VIII reigned from 1509, when he was a teenager, until his death in 1547, at age 55. He was the second ruler from the House of Tudor, and his time on the throne was marked by the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church and by his six marriages.

The Tudors has covered it all, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers portraying the English monarch from youth to middle age. However, Rhys Meyers is not the standard obese Henry VIII. ‘When I took on the part, I was concerned I didn’t have any physical resemblance to the character,’ – says the actor. ‘But Lady Antonia Fraser, who is an authority on Tudor England, thought the only part of my performance that was disappointing was that I didn’t have red hair. I look absolutely ridiculous in a red wig.’

As played by Rhys Meyers young Henry may as well be a rock star. This king’s got good looks and a vigorous sex life. And the extra libido worked. The series received the highest ratings and lasted...

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