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журнал «English4U»

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To live the life of your dream! / Lifetime

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Dedicated to all who aspire, aim high in life or simply have a dream.

Life is full of examples and stories of people who used to dream but never achieved what they wanted. Why? Many just consider dreams to be in the realm of theory and not practice and never make a step towards their dream. Some are advised by wise and practical relatives or friends to be reasonable and concentrate on what’s in front of them. Others just need money to survive and cannot afford to wait for the dream to come true. Rarely do we hear: I am living the life of my dream!

Two things appear to be the most difficult: to understand clearly what your dream is, what you really want, to hear the voice of your heart, as they say; and then to follow your dream, consistently, adamantly, non stop.

All of us dream of one thing or another, especially when we are young. The matter is that in youth our minds are not yet cluttered...

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15 сентября 2010


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