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High Society exhibition: Can Dope Give Us Hope? / Lifetime

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In the beginning of November, the news took on a decidedly trippy tinge. First, Professor David Nutt, sacked as an adviser to the Labour government for criticising its policy on drugs, sparked controversy when he published research suggesting that heroin was less damaging than alcohol. The following day, Californians went to the polls to vote on a proposal to legalise cannabis. In a dramatic move, President Obama threatened to intervene if the outcome was a “yes” (it wasn’t).

It is timely, then, that on November, 11 the?Wellcome Trust opened the doors on “High Society”, an exhibition exploring the history of mind-altering drugs. In keeping with the Wellcome ethos, the exhibition blends a scientific and cultural approach, with curiosities such as a 20 metre opium pipe – an installation by the Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping – sitting alongside more?scientific?(if no less bizarre) exhibits, such as a Nasa experiment that studied the strange webs spiders spin after they are given different types of drugs.

“High Society” examines the controversial history of opium, from pre-biblical practices to today’s entire illegal drug market, which is worth an estimated $320 billion...

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07 февраля 2011


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