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Linkin Park

A thousand suns (2010)

Текст песни с переводом слов Linkin Park «When they come for me» из альбома «A thousand suns» (2010).

When they come for me

I am not a pattern to be followed
The pill that i'm on is a tough one to swallow
I'm not a criminal, not a role model
Not a born leader, i'm a tough act to follow
I am not the fortune and the fame on the same verse
Telling you to forfeit the game
I came in the ring like a dog on a chain
And you found out that the underbelly is sicker than it seems
And it seems ugly but it can get worse
'cause even a blueprint is a gift and a curse
'cause what you got a theory about how the thing works
Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first
And i'm not a robot, i'm not a monkey
I will not dance even if the beat is funky
Opposite of lazy, far from a punk

Ya'll oughta stop talking
Start trying to catch up mother fucker
And all the people say
Try to catch up mother fucker

Lauryn said money change the situation
Big says it increases the complication
Kane said don't step, I ain't the one
Сhuck said an uzi weighs a mother fucking ton
And I'm just a student of the game that they taught me
Rocking every stage and every place that they brought me
I'm awfully underrated, prepared to be corrected
And solely i'll sink ya and i'm going sing it for the record
I am the opposite of wack, opposite of weak
Opposite of slack, synonym of hit, synonym of crack
Closest to a beat, far from a punk
Ya'll oughta stop talking, start trying to catch up mother fucker

And all the people say
Try to catch up mother fucker

When they come for me
Come for me
I'll be gone

And all the people say
Try to catch up mother fucker

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