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New Year in the UK / The UK

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The festive, that is being loved by everybody, the noisiest feast in the year that is the first day of a new calendar page - THE NEW YEAR Celebration!

New Year in the United Kingdom is celebrated on January 1, the first day of the first month as per the Gregorian Calendar. This day was officially declared as New Year’s Day in 1752. The origin of New Year dates back to the era of emperors. They thought of celebrating a special day which should dot a day for beginning and end of the year. It was celebrated at the time of Equinox in mid-March by the Egyptians and Persians while the Greeks celebrated it on the winter solstice. As per the ancient Roman calendar New Year fell on March 1. The calendar was based upon the cycles of the moon, beginning in spring and ending with autumn planting. It was Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome, who divided the year into twelve lunar months by adding the months of January and February. The New Year was shifted to January as it marked the beginning of the civil years in Rome. The Roman emperor Julius Caesar officially declared January 1 to be a New Year in 46 B.C. Historians believe that the New Year tradition was started by ancient Babylonians in those old times.

The UK traditions
Nowadays there are also many interesting traditions that you’ll come across while visiting the UK on New Year’s Eve. A very old custom of ‘first footing’ is still followed in Britain with sincerity. It is said that the first male visitor to the house on the New Year’s day brings good luck. This man should be black-haired, however – a man with blonde...

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10 февраля 2011


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