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Wedding Traditions in the UK / The UK

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Oh, what nice words of some unknown author, and what a nice event – the wedding. In the middle of the summer it is time for those who have decided to unite their hearts and will do that in a solemn way. Let’s take a look together at different traditions of Western European countries.

England: A little girl walks before the bride and scatters flowers on the floor making a symbolic path that expresses hope for the bride’s happy path through life. English bridesmaids wear dresses very much like the bride’s, so she cannot be singled out by any jealous evil wishers. Also, as to the wedding gown, brides sew a silver horseshoe to the hem of the dress as a symbol of good luck.
The wedding tradition of tying shoes to the cars of newlyweds also began in England during the Tudor period. Originally, wedding reception guests threw shoes at the just married as they were leaving the church for good luck. The modern tradition is to tie shoes to the honeymoon vehicle.

Scotland: Scotland has always had its own way of doing things, and that includes weddings. We will not dive into the ancient traditions, let’s get to the modern ones!
About a week before the ceremony the mother of the bride will hold a show of presents for her daughter. During this show the female...

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