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Mishaps: Five reasons to look forward to troubles / Lifetime

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1. They save you from overworking
There are a lot of pluses in being a queer fish that can’t be as self-collected as other people want them to be. It is a perfect way to shirk your routine duties when you haven't got the energy to work any more. So if you have spent the whole working day trying to remove coffee stains from a snow-white blouse or find the documents that as you remember exactly must be “somewhere here”, you won’t be physically able to do some extra work. So while your more diligent colleagues are being loaded with additional assignments, you’ll be allowed to go and change your clothes.

 2. They give people a chance to help you
A fortiori a recipe for disaster: you are climbing up the highest mountain not even knowing how to stand on skis. “Be reasonable,” – the mind screams. But the other part of you wants adventures. Once at the top, you start going downhill and a minute later you are rolling head over heels losing your skis without any hope of finding them. Won’t the knightly blood urge one of the handsome strangers to rush to the rescue of the frail princess from the clutches of a snow dragon? Making acquaintance with a courteous gentleman and savoring a cup...

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