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№10 (94) – октябрь 2010

  • Emily Blunt: Enter a new leading lady / Cinema
  • Sherlock Holmes is back… / Cinema
  • Top 10 All-Time Japanese Cars / For men
  • Fall 2010 Trends / For women
Emily Blunt: Enter a new leading lady

Emily Blunt: Enter a new leading lady / Cinema

For fairly obvious reasons, most of them to do with rhyming slang, Emily Blunt loathed her surname when she was growing up. “It was like a curse to be called that as a child,” she groans. “Names like ‘Blunt pencil’. And that led on to the unimaginable - or the imaginable - as I got older.”

Sherlock Holmes is back…

Sherlock Holmes is back… / Cinema

Sherlock Holmes has acquired a mobile phone, he is a fanatical texter and even has his own website in a new contemporary series of big-budget adventures.

Top 10 All-Time Japanese Cars

Top 10 All-Time Japanese Cars / For men

Japan’s designers and engineers didn’t invent cars, they redefined them time and time again. A look at the 10 most important cars they’ve produced is long overdue, but is by no means easy to compile. With dozens of deserving vehicles, some great cars and sentimental favorites have to be excluded.
As for the survivors, they’re milestones from their manufacturers.

Fall 2010 Trends

Fall 2010 Trends / For women

This season’s fashion risk-taking is measured—but in a good way. Instead of cartoon-like volume, we got big graceful trousers, and in place of unwearable textures, we scored lush and yummy velvets and knitwork. In fact, some of our favorite themes were in fact really old ones, only this time tweaked and tailored just enough for us to see their allure in a new way.


Elizabeth / The UK

Elizabeth Tudor is considered by many to be the greatest monarch in English history. When she became queen in 1558, she was twenty-five years old, a survivor of scandal and danger, and considered illegitimate by most Europeans. She inherited a bankrupt nation, torn by religious discord, a weakened pawn between the great powers of France and Spain.

The Chemistry of Autumn Colours

The Chemistry of Autumn Colours / Nature

Few people can fail to be moved by the splendour of trees cloaked in their autumn finery. This occurs in the temperate zones of the world when the arrival of cool weather
transforms the landscape. At this time, broadleaved trees lose their leaves to conserve water throughout the winter months.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka / Voyage

Exotic, smiling, bright and spicy – these are the first associations that come to my mind when I think of Sri Lanka.

Types of Girls

Types of Girls / Vocabulary

Girl next door. The cultural and sexual stereotype of the girl next door or the All-American girl indicates wholesome, unassuming femininity, as opposed to the culture’s other female stereotypes such as the tomboy, the valley girl, the?femme fatale, girly girl, or the slut. 
In the idealised American context, falling in love with the “girl next door” is a classic exemplar of romantic fiction. Every guy may have his specific girl-next-door prototype...


Valspeak / Language

Valspeak?is a slang term adopted to describe the way of speaking used by?valley girls who were stereotypically considered ‘airheards’ interested in shopping, personal appearance and social status only.

Funny Quips

Funny Quips / LifeUP

How do you tickle a rich girl?
Say, “Gucci Gucci Gucci!”

Verbs followed by prepositions

Verbs followed by prepositions / Grammar

Followed by IN
absorbed in something – поглощенный чем-л.
absorbed in something – поглощенный чем-л.
confide in someone – довериться кому-л, полагаться на кого-л.
be engrossed in something – увлечённый чем-л.

An Arranged Marriage by Nell Freudenberger

An Arranged Marriage by Nell Freudenberger / Fiction

Short story about a woman from Bangladesh who travels to Rochester, New York, to marry a man she met through the Internet…

Вы спрашивали... / Nota bene

Вопрос: Меня все время интересовал вопрос про крещение: baptism или christening. И я так понимаю, что можно использовать или то, или то. До сегодняшнего дня. В тексте мне встретилось такое предложение (пишет австралийская девушка): Not celebrating Easter is nothing new for me. In fact, I haven’t...

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