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Phil Collins

Hello I Must Be Going (1982)

Текст песни с переводом слов Phil Collins «Thru These Walls» из альбома «Hello I Must Be Going» (1982).

Thru These Walls

I can hear thru' these walls
I can hear it when they're foolin' around
I can hear thru' these walls
And I hear ev'ry sign, ev'ry sound
I can hear thru' these walls
In the dark with the shades pulled down

Ev'ry word that they say
Ev'ry noise they make feels it's coming my way

My favourite moment
Putting the glass up next to the wall
Though I see nothing, I hear it all
Putting my sign up
Do not disturb me, speak or shout, inside out
Oh mind my clothes, they're all laid out

I can see thru' my windows
I can see the girls and the boys
I can see thru' my windows
And I can imagine the noise
I can see thru' my windows
I can see them playing with toys

Oh I hope it won't end
If I promise not to touch, just be a friend

Life is so lonely
I don't get high off just being me
I like pretending
Wanting to touch them, wanting to see
It's only normal
Creeping behind you, now don't shout, 'cos it's alright
They keep the windows locked and the door shut tight

Oo I'm feeling like I'm locked in a cage
No way in, no way out, and it gets so lonely
Am I really asking a lot
Just to reach out and touch somebody
'Cos when I look thru' my windows or open my door
I can feel it all around me

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