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Cannibal Corpse

Bloodthirst (1999)

Текст песни с переводом слов Cannibal Corpse «Sickening Metamorphosis» из альбома «Bloodthirst» (1999).

Sickening Metamorphosis

(Music and Lyrics by A. Webster)
Change has begun
After the shape
Freakish events
Led to this change
Convert the man
From the norm

Surreal figure
Misshapen thoughts
Sickening metamorphosis

Twisting flesh
Ghastly face
Pain distress
Mind displace
Twisted flesh transforming appearnce of the
Ghastly face of the one that it chose
Pain distress of contortions and straining
Mind displaced as the spirit arose

Hideous one
Adapting fast
New skin grows out
Old skin peels off
Extra limbs sprout

Surreal figure
Misshapen thoughts
Sickening metamorphosis

Shifting bones
Gnarled limbs
Gruesome change
Features grim
Shifting bonestransforming the framework and the
Gnarled limbs are beginning to grow
Gruesome change to repellent appearance
Features grim in compelete overthrow

Tentacles extending from the face
Eyes are growing on his hands and back
Spikes and fangs cover his body
Skeleton re-shapes, bons pop and crack

(Solo - O'Brien)

A Monstrous thing he has become
Murderous compulsions flood his mind
Reconstruction reaches completion
He's no longer part of mandkind


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