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Tomatoes and cheese or Get ready to get fat in Greece / Voyage

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White houses with blue roofs – isn't that the image that comes to your mind whenever you think about Greece? If you don't want to bust that sweet myth – stop reading my column right now, because I am going to tell you about other aspects of this enigmatic touristic state of ancient gods.

Besides the tips I gave you last time, when talking about Lviv and assimilating into every place you visit, now I have one more thing to advise. Never try to examine the place you are going to explore using Google images or Wikipedia, or you take the chance of being really disappointed. That's exactly what happened to my sister, who searched the Web in advance to get a feel of what to expect from our trip to Greece. All the pictures she saw in Google featured little fairy-tale blue-roofed houses surrounded by pretty flowers. At that moment, Greece resembled a faraway kingdom from one of her favourite children’s books. She was full of hazy expectations. 

Here is the truth – touristic web sites lie. Whenever they say it is the best time to go somewhere and the price is low just because they have your best interests in mind – think of your mom telling you that Santa Claus is real and it’s not your dad. The weather in Greece turned out to be just the same as in Kiev. Warm enough to travel but cold enough to stay away from the sea and the swimming pool. At first it seemed like a drawback, but later we realized it was a great opportunity to enjoy our voyage to the fullest. 

It is crucial to realize that holidays in Greece completely differ from Turkish or Egyptian “basking-in-the-sun-and-eating-and-doing-nothing” tours. So, if you want to understand why people pay so much money to come to ...

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21 июля 2011


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