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Summer trends wrap-up / Fashion

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Casual chic

Dress down your chic look with a simple funny cotton t-shirt or dress up a casual one with a floral print long silk skirt. 

Something or another will bring to your appearance an appropriate dose of negligence. Nowadays is time for “break-your-style” fashion, not for totally sleeky glamor. Combining flying dresses with rough booties or jewellery with denim you’ll understand the difference between real plesure of playing with fashion and  useless rules imposed by our own stereotypes.


A femme fatale is hiding under an angel mask waiting for the right moment to discard it. A touch of lace makes the look more romantic, a geometric silhouette sends us to perfectly clear neo-minimalism. Maybe an excessive thirst for white this season would help to repair not only something outside but also something inside of you.

Scarlet and long

To b
e as bright as a new penny is the main fashion rule for this summer. After several seasons of quiet colours supremacy bright hues gain powerful revenge on spring-summer runways. Wearing a maxi dress in shades varying from scarlet to vermillion to crimson and ruby you can outdo everyone on your way. Such a strong look combined with slightly tanned...

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21 июля 2011


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