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журнал «English4U»

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Banksy's London / Lifetime

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After his new documentary, “Exit through the Gift Shop” (2010 Best Documentary Oscar Nominee), Banksy is more popular than ever. And still, no one knows who he is. But without him the London scene would never be the same.

He has created work around the world with messages ranging from subversive to downright silly but little is known for sure about his background – though much has been speculated and many have claimed to have figured out who he really is. Most artists would cringe at the thought of thousands of people walking by their work and not even noticing. Most artists would be happy to indulge in a media interview about their latest creative breakthrough.

Most artists don't have to worry about their creations being obliterated by the police. But then again, most artists aren't like Banksy.

In an art world full of self-promoters and charlatans, Banksy has made a name for himself by remaining elusive. Depending on who's telling the story, he's short, tall, thin, heavy, bearded, clean-shaven, right-handed, left-handed, or maybe even ambidextrous. No one knows where or when he will strike next. What is known is that he has transformed London; with the city as his canvas, Banksy has created art of the street and for the street, using graphic images and amusing juxtapositions to generate accessible, thought-provoking morsels of urban wit.

A walking tour of Banksy's spray-paint masterpieces in the English capital is an art tour unlike any other. The city frames the art, to be sure, but the art also frames the city, highlighting cultural trends and political attitudes of several hip ...

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21 июля 2011


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