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A man and a woman wanted to buy a flat. The agent took them to a cheap flat to look. They did not like it very much. 
The woman said, "It is important to know - is it insulated?" 
 "Yes" said a voice from the flat above them, "But the insulation doesn't work."
The teacher said, 
"Short waves cannot pass around objects. Long waves can." 
The class did not understand. The teacher put his hat in front of his face. 
"Can you see my face?" 
"Can you hear my voice?" 
"What does that prove?" 
 "You are talking through your hat."
A small child met his new teacher for the first time. 
"Are you good?" asked the teacher. 
"I am the sort of boy my mummy tells me not to play with."
The school teacher had just told the story of the wolf and the lamb. 
"So you see, children, the wolf ate the naughty lamb because it disobeyed." 
"Yes miss," pointed out a youngster. "And if the lamb had been good, we would have eaten it ourselves."
A teacher was giving a lesson on good manners. 
"Suppose, by mistake, you step on a lady's foot. What do you do?" 
"I say 'Pardon me'." 
"Very good. Now suppose the lady, to reward you, gives you a coin. What do you do?" 
"Step on the other foot to get a second one."

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21 марта 2011


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