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Gerard Butler: Scottish Heartthrob / Cinema

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Gerard Butler is a foul-mouthed rake who bangs everything in sight. (Gerard Butler is a charming, unpretentious guy who is irresistibly huggable!) He’s a drunk. (Reformed!) And a hellion. (When he’s not saving boys from drowning!) Movie critics abhor him. (But audiences love him!) And you don’t know the half of it.

Now he’s a movie star, a Scottish transplant with a killer crooked smile who slayed as King Leonidas in the epic Spartans vs. Persians bloodfest 300, then went the way of rom-coms and high-octane action films. In the past few years, he’s also had the good fortune to be linked to everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Jennifer Aniston; in fact, he can’t say hello to a woman without it being said they’re a hot-and-bothered item. Plus, he owns houses in New York and L.A., vacations in India and Brazil, usually drives a BMW Z8, and no longer has to do his own grocery shopping. Sweet stuff. Everything’s roses.

Gerard Butler has made a career out of confounding his critics. In recent years, the Scottish thesp, who already turned 40, has played everything from an iconic, singing spectre (The Phantom of the Opera) to a belligerent Spartan king (300) to a London crook (RocknRolla) to a bereaved widower seeking brutal vengeance on his family’s killers (Law Abiding Citizen). Along the way, he’s even managed to romance...

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01 августа 2010


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