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2010 2morrow/Zavtra International Festival of Contemporary Cinema / Cinema

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Continuing the festival topic (see the previous issue on Cannes and Oscar), let’s talk about the great 2morrow/Zavtra international film competition of modern cinema. The festival has an aura of bold youth, red-cheeked curiosity and a fresh, European simplicity.
This year its program – contrary to European film aesthetic templates of the noughties – is free of surrealistic directors’ big talk, nasty torn naturalism and someone else’s hopeless pain, but at that (what a cheek!) it really claims to call the unhealthy public for changes.

For example, Tales from the Golden Age are all like that. One would think that nobody could savour the details of post-soviet past with as much gusto as Pavel Lungin in Taxi-blues, and nobody could put on a carefree spectacle based on the shambles of his country’s past – awfully funny and with a taste of bitterness at the same time – like Emir Kusturica did almost 10 times in a row.

Here you are – a collection of 5 scintillating legends of Romanian life under the totalitarian government of Nicolae Ceau?escu (that period was nicknamed as Golden Age by the propaganda) by 5 absolutely unknown-to-anybody Romanian ...

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21 июля 2011


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