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8701 (2001)

Текст песни с переводом слов Usher «Work It Out» из альбома «8701» (2001).

Work It Out

Yo.. check this here There nuttin' that I'd rather do Than spend some time with you So why don't we just chill Make it coco sexy, you know You sure make it right Spend some quality time
You make me wanna cha cha cha...
Oh baby, you sure like to Nah nah nah nah nah... nah nah nah nah nah We've been hangin' out everyday this week How about I fix you a little something to eat And just chill, we got a while, right now just chill Parle lil' momma, right here Sippin' on Chardonnay Slip on that Victoria Secret lingerie Cause I ain't gonna throw my money away If I can see you talk it out for me
1 - (Talk'n it out) Layin' in the cut Kissing and rubbin, makin' sweet lovin' Damn the club tonight Girl let's work it out (It'll be) Just me on you (All night) From eleven 'til six in the morning I know you like when I do you like that Just work it out
Now that I got you all soaking wet I bet you know what's coming next (You) Gonna twerk it out Ah baby, let me tell you how What do you think about me Twerkin' it from your front to your back And kickback, relax come sit here on my lap, shorty Tonight I'm takin' you all the way Won't stop until you scream my name
Repeat 1 Repeat 1
Morning is coming and I dont want to let you go Let's just lay her in this bed of red rose pedals I know that we spent but one kiss Could make this start all over again If you want it baby, come with me
It's way to trill the way you making it feel The way you twerkin' is oh so sexy Oh baby, you sure love the part It's way to trill the way you making it feel The way you twerkin is oh so sexy Oh baby you sure love the part
Repeat 1 Repeat 1
Let me twerk it I wont hurt it Damn the club tonight girl Let's work it out Let me work it I wont hurt it I know you like when I do you like that Just work it out
Repeat 1 until fade

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