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Uriah Heep

Return To Fantasy (1975)

Текст песни с переводом слов Uriah Heep «Your Turn To Remember» из альбома «Return To Fantasy» (1975).

Your Turn To Remember

I was always the one who did the thinkin'
It was me, I'm sorry I, who made the plans
There was never a thought we might do somethin' between us
It's so clear I think I'm beginning to understand
I was the one who had to lay it out and pay it out
I would work all night even though I wanted to play out and stay out

Now it's your turn to remember
It's your turn to try to understand

When the time came for staying together
You refused to even talk about for ever
It was easy telling me you love me
I was a little late in finding out the truth
The rule of love was there you had to bend it
Now the damage is done it's impossible to mend it

Now it's your turn to remember
It's your turn to remember

I feel a little better
Talking about her yet her

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