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Ricky Martin

Life (2005)

Текст песни с переводом слов Ricky Martin «I don't care» из альбома «Life» (2005).

I don't care

You promised me would always be
you'd never let me go
You took the ring and all the things
that came with being my girl
The tragedy as I walked through that door
He had your feet up over the seat
All I heard was screaming

It was like a movie, too real to me,
that just can't be my bride to be. NO
I was shocked this could be,
never thinking one day
I'd take this BLOW BLOW BLOW
I was starting to feel like
I should kill everything
that was moving.
I've never been in hell like this
Somebody wake me up!

I don't care
I just wanna be yours
And I tried everything in my power
to never ever say
"please come back to me"
But I got to say

The crazy part was that he just kept going
cause she was the only one
that had noticed me
Staring into the eyes
that I will one day call my baby
How could I have fallen so in love
with someone I've known for years
And not even know
that she'd be the one
to reveal my worst fears

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