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Life's Rich Pageant (1986)

Текст песни с переводом слов R.E.M. «Hyena» из альбома «Life's Rich Pageant» (1986).



Night time fell at the opening,
In the final act of the beginning of time
Hyena take your role, the stage is set
The town is safe again tonight

Hyena (I see the day ahead)
Hyena (and all that I've cried through)
Hyena (God knows you're doin' that, don't you?)

Hyena, sister look to your hand
Man you serve communal interest,
She'll tell you when and where and how and why you'd hurt
A beautiful young lady

(repeat chorus)

The only thing to fear is fearlessness
The bigger the weapon the greater the fear
Hyena is ambassador to here

Night time fell like the closing
Meager pay, but recognition
Hyena crawls on his belly out
The town is safe again tonight

Hyena (I see the changes, man)
Hyena (goin' on 'cross the way)
Hyena (I see my road ahead)
Hyena (don't know if I should stay)
Hyena (I see you holding him)

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