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Fables Of The Reconstruction (1985)

Текст песни с переводом слов R.E.M. «Green Grow The Rushes» из альбома «Fables Of The Reconstruction» (1985).

Green Grow The Rushes


The wheelbarrow's fallen
Look at my hands
They've found some surplus, cheaper hands
Rubbing palms and pick and choose,
Who will they choose? Here is the news

Look at that building, look at this man
Haloed and whitewashed
Gone to find a cheaper hand
He'll offer a pound, offer a pound

Green grow the rushes go
Green grow the rushes go
Green grow the rushes go
The compass points the worker's home

Pay for your freedom, find another gate
Guilt by associate, the rushes wilted a long time ago
Guilty as you go

Stay off that highway, word is it's not so safe
The grasses that hide the greenback
The amber waves of gain again
The amber waves of gain

(repeat chorus)

Green grow the rushes go
Green grow the rushes go
Green grow the rushes go

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