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Emancipation (Edited) (1996)

Текст песни с переводом слов Prince «Soul Sanctuary» из альбома «Emancipation (Edited)» (1996).

Soul Sanctuary

Loving U in silence, knowing that it's right
Under your gaze I ponder this love 2night
Unbothered by the chaos swirling 'round outside
In your arms is where I want 2 live and die
Someplace where your face is all that I see
Where the love we make intoxicates intensively
In a mirror where your sweet reflection used 2 be
There is hope, there is joy, my soul sanctuary
My soul sanctuary

Loving U in silence, neverending kiss
Under your gaze I can peacefully exist
Sanctuary, baby, nothing compares 2 this
In my darkest hour U can be my bliss (Bliss)

All of me I give 2 thee down at your feet
The reassurance in your rhythm speaks 2 me
Over and over your screams are like a prayer
In the dark, U are there (U are there), my soul sanctuary
Ooh, my soul sanctuary

Loving U in passion unmolested in this garden
Mango and nectarine, sweet honeydew, I beg your pardon
My mouth runneth over from ecstasy
It's true (it's true), baby, I love the taste of U

Loving U in silence, knowing that it's right
Under your gaze I ponder this love 2night
Unbothered by the chaos swirling around outside
In your arms is where I wanna live and die

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