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Kelly Clarkson

All I ever wanted (2009)

Текст песни с переводом слов Kelly Clarkson «All I Ever Wanted» из альбома «All I ever wanted» (2009).

All I Ever Wanted

Tear up the photographs
But yesterday won’t let go
Every day every day every minute
Here comes the emptiness
Just can’t be lonely you know
Every day every day hey hey
This second-chancin’s really getting me down
You give and takin’ everything I dreamed about
It’s time you let me know let me know just let go
All I ever wanted
all I ever wanted
was a simple way to get over you
all I ever wanted
all I ever wanted
was an in-between to escape this desperate scene
where every law reveals the truth
baby cause I all ever wanted
all I ever wanted was you
I’d rather walk alone
Don’t wanna chase you around
Every day every day every minute I thought a thousand times
For I let you drag me down
Every day every day hey hey
Your new beginning was a perfect ending
But I keep feeling we’ve already been here before
It’s time you let me know let me know just let go


Tell me with so many out there
Why I always turn to you
Your goodbyes tear me down every time
And it’s so easy to see that they’ll blame this on me


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