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James Taylor

New Moon Shine (1991)

Текст песни с переводом слов James Taylor «One More Go Round» из альбома «New Moon Shine» (1991).

One More Go Round

Workin' on a thing, workin' on a thing, funny little thing I know, sure got to like it.
Only thing I got to show you, running around the room
in my Fruit O' The Loom, a cup of coffee from King Tut's tomb. Save me, Lumalammalu
Sure enough I must have been mokus and so out of focus to miss the first half of the show.
Oh, It gets to the end, we get to run it again just like before, one more go round.

Drank myself some wine back in '69, I was fooling around with my friends in my spare time.
Life along the river, knobby little knees in the Summer breeze,
hammock and a couple of trees, swing low, if you please.
Oh, I must have been mokus and so out of focus, I missed the whole half of the show.
Come to the end and they run it again, same as before, one more go round.

After all this time of fooling around it and never having nothing to show,
yeah, I'm happy to say that I finally found it right underneath my own nose.
Oh, I must have been mokus and so out of focus, I missed the first half of the show.
Please don't let it end, I want it again just like before, one more go round.

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