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James Morrison

Songs for you, truths for me (2008)

Текст песни с переводом слов James Morrison «Please don't stop the rain» из альбома «Songs for you, truths for me» (2008).

Please don't stop the rain

I don't know where I crossed the line
Was it something that I said
Or didn't say this time?

And I don't know if it's me or you
I can see the skies are changing
No longer shades of blue
I don't know which way it's gonna go

And if it's going to be a rainy day
There's nothing we can do to make it change
We can pray for sunny weather
But that won't stop the rain
You're feeling like you've got no place to run
I can be your shelter til it's done
We can make this last forever
So please don't stop the rain
Let it fall х3
Please don't stop the rain
Let it fall х3
Please don't stop the rain

I thought that time was on our side
I've put in far too many years
To let this pass us by
You see life is crazy thing
There'll be good times
And there'll be bad times
And everything in between
And I don't know which ways it's gonna go

Oh we're a little closer now
In finding what life's all about
Yeah I know you just can't stand it
When things don't go your way
But we've got no control over what happens anyway

Please don't stop the rain
Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall
Can't stop it, you can't stop it
Let it fall
Please don't stop the rain

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