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Recovery (2010)

Текст песни с переводом слов Eminem «25 To Life» из альбома «Recovery» (2010).

25 To Life

Too late for the other side.
Caught in a chase - 25 to life.
Too late for the other side
Caught in a chase - 25 to life. (yeah!)
Too late... (I can't keep chasing 'em! Takin' my life back!)
Caught in a chase - 25 to life.

(Verse 1:)
I don't think she understands the sacrifices that I made
Maybe if this bitch had acted right I would've stayed,
But I've already wasted over half of my life I would've laid down and died for you!
I no longer cry for you! - No more pain bitch! You
Took me for granted, took my heart and ran it straight into the planet
Into the dirt I can no longer stand it, now my respect I demand it!
I'm a take control of this relationship command it.
And I'm a be the boss of you now goddamn it!
And what I mean is that I will no longer let you control me
So you better hear me out this much you owe me!
I gave up my life for you! - Totally devoted to you while I've stayed
Paved for all the way! - This is how I fucking get repaid!
Look at how I dress! - Fucking baggy sweats! - Go to work a mess!
Always in a rush to get back to you! - I ain't heard you; yet
Not even once say you apreciate me I deserve respect!
I've done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness!
And I know that if I end this I'll no longer have nothing left
But you keep treating me like a staircase, it's time to fucking step!
And I won't be coming back so don't hold your fucking breath
You know what you've done no need to go in depth!
I told you, you'd be sorry if I fucking left! - I'd laugh while you wept
How's it feel now? - Yeah! - Funny ain't it? - You neglec-ted me!
Did me a favor? my spirit free you've said,
But a special place for you in my heart I have kept. - It's unfortunate but it's...

Too late for the other side. (yeah!)
Caught in a chase - 25 to life. (Can't take no more!)
Too late for the other side.
Caught in a chase - 25 to life. - Too late!

(Verse 2:)
I feel like when I bend over backwards for you all you do is laugh
Cause that ain't good enough! - You expect me to fold myself in half,
Til I snap! - Don't think I'm loyal! - All I do is rap!
I cannot moonlight on the side; I have no life outside of that!
Don't I give you enough of my time? - You don't think so do you
Jealous when I spend time with the girls why I'm married to you?
Still man I don't know! - But tonight I'm serving you with papers
I'm divoricing you! - Go marry someone else and make 'em famous!
And take away their freedom like you did to me! - Treat 'em like you
Don't need them and they ain't worthy of you!
Feed 'em the same shit you made me eat! - I'm MOVING ON FORGET YOU, OH!
Now I'm special! I ain't felt special, when I was with you! All
I ever felt was this - helplessness! - Imprisoned
By a selfish bitch; chew me up and spit me out I fell for this!
So many times, it's ridiculus! - And still I stick with this
I'm sick of this! - But in my sickness and addiction you're addictive,
As they get! - Evil as they come vindictive as they make 'em!
My friends keep asking why I can't just walk away from, I'm addicted
To the pain, the stress! - The drama, I'm drawn in so I guess I'm a
Mess! - Cursed and blessed, but this time I'm a
Ain't changing my mind, I'm climbing out this 'Abyss'
You screaming as I walk out that I'll be missed;
But when you spoke to people who meant the most to you
U left me off your list! - Fuck u hip-hop! I'm leavin' u! - My life sentence is served bitch & it's just...

Too late for the other side.
Caught in a chase - 25 to life. (I'm gone, man!)
Too late for the other side.
Caught in a chase - 25 to life. - Too late!
Caught in a chase - 25 to life.

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