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Dresden Dolls, the

No, Virginia... (2008)

Текст песни с переводом слов Dresden Dolls, the «The mouse and the model» из альбома «No, Virginia...» (2008).

The mouse and the model

Nothing is certain at this time of day
You could reverberate you could decay
The mouse and the model are laughing at us
We'll risk it we're desperate for someone to trust

Let's start a new heart
The new charts are in
We'll take we'll break them
And make them give in

By counting your blessings you wind up in debt
It starts with your family and ends in your bed
You jekyll and hyded when you could have let
Your guard down your dress up you must be upset

Let's start a new heart
The new charts are in
We'll take them we'll break them
And make them give in

It's dark over here on the flip side of reason
The teaser could be something easy like
"They did it in a book"
You're a crook
You're a fake
You're committed
If you did it say you did it
If you didn't
Suck it up and say you did

Let's start a new heart
The new charts are in
We'll tax them relax them
And mate them for fun
The vote by a landslide
For jekyll and hyde
Mackenzie macavity
Bonnie and clyde

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