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50 Cent

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (2003)

Текст песни с переводом слов 50 Cent «Back Down» из альбома «Get Rich Or Die Tryin'» (2003).

Back Down

Yeah, G-G-G-G-G-Unit! (G-Unit!)

It's easy to see when you look at me
If you look closely, 50 don't BACK DOWN
Everywhere I go both coast with toast
Eastside, Westside, I hold that MACK DOWN
Every little nigga you see around me
Hold a gun big enough to fucking hold SHAQ DOWN
Next time you in the hood and see an ol' G
You ask about me, the young boy don't BACK DOWN

Any living thing that cannot co-exist with the kid
Must decease existin, little nigga, now listen
Yo mami, yo papi, that bitch you chasin
Ya little dirty ass kids, I'll fuckin erase them
Your succes is not enough, you wanna be hard
Knowing that, if you get knocked, you get fucked in the yard
Youza poptart sweetheart, you soft in the middle
I eat ya for breakfast, the watch was an exchange for your necklace
and your boss is a bitch, if he could he would
Sell his soul for cheap, trade like to be Suge
You can buy cars but you can't buy respect in the hood
Maybe I'm so disrespectfull cuz to me you're a mistery
I know niggaz from ya hood, you have no history
Never poked nothing, never popped nothing, nigga stop frontin
Jay put you on, X made you hot
Now you run around like you some big shot
ha, ha pussy..


"This rap shit is all fucked up now! What are we gonna do now?
How we gonna eat man? 50 back around"

That's Ja's lil punk ass thinking out loud
Southside till I die, that's just how I get down
I'm back in the game Shawty, to +Rule+ and conquer
You sing for hoes and sound like the cookie monster
I'm the hardest from New York, my flow is bonkers
All the other hard niggaz, they come from Yonkers
It's been years and you had the same niggaz in the background
You never gonna sell Mitsubishi Tah's and crack child
Them niggaz they just SUCK, they no good
I ain't never heard a nigga say "they like them in the hood"
I'm back better than ever, on top of my game
Even them country boys sayin "50 we feelin you man"
Now stay the fuck outta my zone, outta my throne
I'm New York City's own... BAD GUY (BAD GUY)


I ain't gonna tell nobody you pussy
I ain't gonna tell nobody you gettin extored
It ain't over...(G-Unit!)
I've been patiently waiting to BLOOW
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the "50 Cent Show"
This is my life, my pain, my knife, my gun
Now that I'm back, you can't sleep
I'm a nightmare huuhhh
You hired cops to hold you down cuz you fear for you life
well you done heard bout them guns I done bought, right?
I ain't going nowhere, I done told you nigga
I'm a G-Unit mothafuckin soldier nigga (They not gon like you)
I know, I know... haha (G-Unit!)

"Oh, no he didn't say anything about Ja.
Okay? Ja is my boo. Okay?
Jeffrey Atkins ain't never hurt nobody.
And y'all know! Big things come in small packages!
Holla! Now, everything was cool until 50 Cent
came back into the picture.
They better not put they hands on Jeffrey. Okay?
'Cause first of all, they do not know that I am a twelve-degree pink belt.
Okay? I will dice his ass up like a little piece of celery.
Okay? 'Cause see, they don't know me.
Delicious, do they know me? Okay, I thought so.
'Cause you know that I know karate, and I will see him
and I will Jet Li his ass. WHOO-DOO!"

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