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What's wrong with them? / Opinion

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How many times have you asked yourself ‘what are they doing here in our poor, uncivilized, god-forsaken country’, a country with a chaotic economy, as they call it? I am not taking about occasional businessmen who after a portion of borshch and a few shots of vodka will be burning to ask you ‘do they have tours to Chernobyl?’ Nor even about happy-clappies, the guys in white shirts and black trousers with backpacks full of Bibles who wander about on a mission to awaken the minds of our people with the sacred question ‘Have you heard about Jesus?’ I am talking about these tramp-looking Americans in ripped T-shirts, pants that have never experienced a touch of an iron and boots that should have been thrown away at least ten years ago. So, what brings them here?

As one of them once told me, “If you do something bad in America, you can go to prison or join the Peace Corps and go to a third-world country like Ukraine as a volunteer”. Then, of course, cheap booze and girls. An average American cannot afford getting drunk on vodka in the USA (they consume beer, it’s much cheaper) and doesn’t even dream about Champagne. As for the women, in America you might end up in court for sexual harassment...

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12 сентября 2010


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