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Clive Owen / Cinema

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Clive Owen Is The Kind Of Be-stubbled Brooder Whom Straight Men Find Authentic And Their Wives Find Irresistible. But The Most Grounded Guy In Movies Hasn’t Let It Go To His Head

Clive Owen is walking down a steep hill to the café, one of his favorite hangouts. Owen is wearing trademark Owen-wear: a gently worried linen suit and an open white shirt. There’s something solid about him. This may explain his success as an actor, the way that he inhabits his roles so adroitly: As we’re not aware of his foibles, we’re inclined to give credence to every dramatic skin he slips on. But his well-documented reticence in interviews may conceal a slight nervousness. It’s hardly unusual for actors not to enjoy cross-examination, but Owen’s concerns seem more attuned to something else. Perhaps he harbors a fear that his humble beginnings will upend him, and that one day he may wake up to find that his charmed life has been snatched away.

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07 сентября 2010


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