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Teen Spirit of Kurt Cobain / Music

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Whether you adore him or despise him, there’s no disputing the fact that Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain – uncle of emo and man enough to marry Courtney Love – had a profound impact on a generation. Seattle’s “grunge” sound, and the ensuing “alternative rock” movement that took radio waves by storm in the 1990’s, all trace their roots back to Mr. Cobain and the single that kicked it all off, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Until September 1991, Kurt Cobain was just Kurt Cobain—a promising young musician and talented songwriter who had carved out a strong reputation for himself within Seattle’s independent music scene, but remained mostly anonymous outside the Pacific Northwest.

By early 1992 Kurt Cobain was not only world-famous; he had almost become a living clichй. He had become, to borrow the title of one of his many biographies, “Kurt Cobain: Voice of a Generation.” Variations on that theme abounded, and continue to define Cobain’s legacy even today. The BBC called Cobain’s entire age cohort “The Nirvana generation”; the UK Telegraph, less charitably, tagged him the “self-hating icon of the inarticulate generation.” And Rolling Stone, taking a more neutral track, called him simply “a spokesman for a generation.”

Cobain himself hated the idea that anybody could speak for an entire generation. The pressure of the role contributed heavily to his rapid descent into drug abuse and, eventually, suicide. “I’m a spokesman for myself,” he protested. “It just so happens...

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