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журнал «English4U»

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How to find a good guy (guy’s perspective) / For women

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Finding yourself a little bit lonely lately? Feel like you’re not good enough for any guy out there. You’re always “getting played” in the end? This guide will tell women how to attract a good man FROM A MAN’S POINT OF VIEW. I’m the “relationship” kind of guy, so this is the guy most of you girls are looking for.


Step 1
The first and most important step is to show interest in the man, but not TOO MUCH. This is where a lot of girls don’t approach things right. You want to show your interest by giving firm eye contact, laugh at things he says (even if you don’t think everything’s funny), touch his shoulder or thigh while you talk to him (depending upon whether you are standing or sitting.) A lot of us guys don’t read the other little signs you girls think we do like playing with your hair...

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12 июня 2010


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