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Get Rich — Like In The Movies / Cinema

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Аnd yet, money and money only is the single dispassionate measure of human achievement and merit. Money is the answer to the simple and important questions — “How good are you to your job?” and “How much does the world need you?” Money is a coefficient of your intuition, intellect and talent. Not beauty, not morality, not surroundings, not health, but the quantity of money earned by you — this is the final examination score given to you by the firm hand of the strict life.

Splendid Steve Jobs, who founded Apple Inc. in his parents’ garage, was sacked from his own company in 10 years time when it was brining in its first superprofit of 2 billion dollars. Jobs called the period after his firing ‘one of the most creative in his life’: he gathered people from scratch and created a new company — NeXT — whose technology would become the core of Apple Inc. in a few years and thanks to which the Apple Inc. annual turnover is now more than 65 billion dollars.

There is a legend about the army youth of the highly respected Roman Abramovich: when his discharge from the army was a mere few months away, young Abramovich got a task worthy of Hercules — by the end of his service he should clear out a few hectares of the forest planned for construction. Roman Arkadievich set off to the locals with an offer to stock up their firewood for the winter for a small fee. Only stumps were left from the forest in six weeks. He sold the solution of his problem like Tom Sawyer, who allowed his friends to whitewash his fence for small treasures — an apple, a bit of glass or a coin.

...It’s sad somehow, — I suddenly cease my ode to money — does it turn out that, for most teachers in the CIS, life's response to their time-honoured values is "no longer needed"? And then I come across an interview with the distinguished Ukrainian math and geometry teacher Isaac Kushnir and his thesis: “The easiest way is to complain of low salaries. What kind of teacher are you if you don’t have money? Can’t you tutor?” 

Today we speak about the movies where people earn money. Honestly or dishonestly, with different outcomes, by various motivation, temporarily ...

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22 сентября 2011


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