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British Snacks: What to Grab on the Go in London / Cuisine

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Exploring local food markets and grocery stores are some of my favorite traveling activities. I’m afraid I may actually spend as much time perusing the aisles of foreign supermarkets as I do museums. Then I pack my suitcase full of samples as souvenirs to share with friends back home. Pathetic as it may seem, there is a lot to learn from the eating habits of foreigners.

When in need of a quick snack while visiting London, pop into any grocery store or convenience market. In order to save some time, here’s the lowdown on typical British snacks to try and those to avoid:


Since 1824, Cadbury has churned out chocolate made in England and is a national symbol. Dairy Milk is the classic milk chocolate bar much creamier than a Hershey bar,  Bourneville is their dark chocolate bar and Flake is a bar of airy ripples often found stuck into soft serve vanilla ice cream. Cadbury boasts at least 17 other variations using concoctions of caramel, peanuts, raisins, cocunut, nougat, wafers and more.  Sampling British made chocolate is compulsory.

A couple of non-Cadbury suggestions:

Malteasers – little balls of malt honeycomb covered in milk chocolate made by Mars. The bag of those gorgeous critters will disappear in seconds.

Yorkie – a Nestlé thick chocolate bar originally marketed for men as the tough guy, bigger/better chocolate bar. You just have to love the non-pc slogan, “IT’S NOT FOR GIRLS” still emblazoned down...

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