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№1 (73) – январь 2009

  • Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko / Cinema
  • Alco-horoscope / Entertainment
  • A Date With Kate Moss / For women
  • El Bulli: The Word's Best Restaurant / Cuisine
  • Sociophobia: Fear of People / Psychotherapy
  • The Structure Of An Essay / Writing
Forewer For World - Bob Marley

Forewer For World - Bob Marley / Music

We remember the brilliant and evocative music Bob Marley gave the world; music that stretches back over nearly two decades and still remains timeless and universal. Marley has been called “the first Third World superstar,” “Rasta Prophet,” “visionary,” and” “revolutionary artist.” These accolades were not mere hyperbole. Marley was one of the most charismatic and challenging performers of our time.

Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko

Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko / Cinema

      Olga Kurylenko’s a relative newcomer to the world of film acting, but she already has a number of movie credits to her name, including appearances in Paris, je t’aime (2006), Le Serpent (2006), Hitman (2007), Tyranny (2008), and Quantum of Solace (2008).

Russia's Successful New It Girl

Russia's Successful New It Girl / Phenomenon

Ten years ago they were all diamonds and D-cups*, and amounted to nothing without a man. Now Moscow’s ‘tusovshchitsy’ — It girls** — have culture, class and style. And serious plans for their serious money


Alco-horoscope / Entertainment

      If you have finished relating your birth signs to animals, birds, fruits, colors, numbers and what not, here is something ultimate to mull on.

How To Survive Embarrassment

How To Survive Embarrassment / For men

      Being embarrassed is traumatic because few human emotions manifest as viciously. Depending on the size of your audience and who’s part of it, embarrassing traits such as blushing, sweating, stammering, trembling, and fidgeting can all skyrocket exponentially when you’re nervous.

A Date With Kate Moss

A Date With Kate Moss / For women

The ultimate party girl on how she likes to get ready with her girlfriends, never plans an outfit and the power of smoky eyes

El Bulli: The Word's Best Restaurant

El Bulli: The Word's Best Restaurant / Cuisine

      Since the audacious ‘S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ award began back in 2002, only three restaurants have seriously wrestled for the top spot: Pierre Gargnaire – Paris, The Fat Duck – London and El Bulli, Ferran Adriа’s gastronomic temple just north of Barcelona. El Bulli was crowned the best restaurant in the world for the third consecutive year.

The Large Hadron Collider: Reload

The Large Hadron Collider: Reload / Science

      For the past few decades, physicists have been able to describe with increasing detail the fundamental particles that make up the Universe and the interactions between them. This understanding is encapsulated in the Standard Model of particle physics, but it contains gaps and cannot tell us the whole story.

Sociophobia: Fear of People

Sociophobia: Fear of People / Psychotherapy

      Sociophobia is most commonly known as social anxiety or social phobia. Lifetime prevalence ranges from 2.8 to 13% in epidemiological studies. It is the third most common psychiatric disorder in the United States. The prevalence of social phobia appears to be increasing among white, married, and well-educated individuals.

The Structure Of An Essay

The Structure Of An Essay / Writing

      It is often advisable to draft your essay. Making a draft is particularly important if you are writing it by hand as this gives you a chance to go back and correct any grammar and spelling mistakes, or change something when it simply isn’t clear. If you are typing or word-processing your essay, it is far easier to edit as you go along, and this saves a great deal of time.

An Ordinary Woman

An Ordinary Woman / Fiction

Idial the number that for more than twenty years has been committed to memory and then begin counting the rings. One… two… three… four… five… six… – Christ! What’s wrong with – “Newton North High School. Good morning.”

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