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Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko / Cinema

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      Olga Kurylenko’s a relative newcomer to the world of film acting, but she already has a number of movie credits to her name, including appearances in Paris, je t’aime (2006), Le Serpent (2006), Hitman (2007), Tyranny (2008), and Quantum of Solace (2008).

   Olga Kurylenko was born and raised in the small town of Berdyansk, in southern Ukraine. When she was 15, she went to Moscow for a week’s vacation at the suggestion of her mother, and it was there that she was “discovered” by a scout from a modeling agency. Olga was soon living in Paris where she began working immediately. Her first gig was a photo shoot in sunny Cuba.

      Olga Kurylenko eventually became interested in acting, as she began studying at a theater school during her spare time. She landed her first big screen role playing Iris in the French drama L’Annulaire. The film became a favorite at the 2005 Toronto Film Fest, and earned her the Certificate of Excellence as Best Actress at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. In 2006, Olga Kurylenko portrayed The Vampire, opposite Elijah Wood’s Tourist, in the ”Quartier de la Madeleine” segment of Paris, je t’aime, and also appeared in the French-Swiss telefilm Le Porte-bonheur.

      Next Olga Kurylenko appeared in Suspectes, a mini-series which aired on French television during the spring of 2007. Her other credits for that year included the role of sexy seductress Sofia in the thriller Le Serpent (aka The Snake) as Nika, and opposite Timothy Olyphant’s Agent 47 in Hitman, based on the video game of the same name.  She also played Mina Harud in the sci-fi drama Tyranny, which was introduced as a web-series before hitting the big screen sometime in 2008.

      Olga Kurylenko became the next Bond girl, Camille, for the ‘08 flick Quantum of Solace, a role that finally solidified her place in Hollywood. She’s rumored to be taking on another ass-kicking role in the upcoming 2009 film Kirot.

Communists criticize Bond girl Kurylenko

      The 28-year-old has won praise from Western critics for her performance in     Quantum of Solace but there’s one audience in Russia that’s still a tough sell.

      The Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, a hardline splinter group, issued a blood-curdling tirade against Kurylenko, saying that she had betrayed her homeland by appearing with James Bond and deserved the fate of World War II traitors who slept with “enemies of the people.”Apparently oblivious to Bond’s fictional nature, it accused her of assisting “a man who worked for decades under the orders of Thatcher and Reagan to destroy the USSR”.

      In an appeal to the actress on its website, the party said: “The Soviet Union educated you, cared for you and brought you up for free but no one suspected that you would commit this act of intellectual and moral betrayal.”

      The Communists are, however, willing to rehabilitate Kurylenko — if she delivers her co-star, Daniel Craig, into the clutches of Russia’s secret services for interrogation. “Let him tell what other plans are being written in the Pentagon and Hollywood to discredit Russia and drive a wedge between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples,” it said.

      Sergei Malinkovich, the leader of the city party, told The Times: “Everyone knows that the CIA and MI6 finance James Bond films as a special operation of psychological warfare against us. This Ukrainian girl sleeps with Bond and that means that Ukraine is sleeping with the West.”

      A group spokeswoman said that the protest was “serious, not a joke”.

      Olga Kurylenko says her castmates on the new James Bond movie constantly made fun of her accent.

      The Ukrainian-born model admits she was the butt of many jokes on set. She said: “English is not my first language so the film crew would often playfully tease me, they would tell me these wild stories that I would believe, then later say it was a joke!”

      Others about Olga: Olga Kurylenko, a Ukrainian-born actress and model who grew up in poverty sharing a Soviet flat with her aunt, uncle, grandparents and cousin, is now starring as Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig. Olga’s cinematic roles have been notably steamy, and her natural beauty and explicit nudity attracted the attention of the male audiences. Any chick who gets cast as a Bond girl deserves a great sex appeal rating. We know that Bond, James Bond only goes for the exotic, uber-sexy, off-the-chart hotties, and Olga Kurylenko is definitely one of them.

      Vogue: We can’t say for certain whether Kurylenko will join the pantheon of actresses whose names inevitably precede the words “best known as the Bond girl in…” But judging by Quantum’s plot, she just might usher in a new era of femmes fatales less interested in bedding Bond (flame-haired Gemma Arterton steps in gamely for that) than in wreaking some serious international havoc of their own. And if nothing else, she can probably rest assured that her name will live on in infamy with those surly Communists.

29 августа 2010


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