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The Iceland of My Heart / Voyage

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Iceland is a beautiful island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. Despite its small dimensions (103,125 km2), talking about it can be very long. It is a great place for anybody, probably only passionate fans of noisy and fussy mega-cities may be bored in Iceland. The rest will have an unforgettable trip to this country that breathes freshness.

"Ice"-part of the name aside, it is not an ice-cold country. Its climate is much milder than might be expected, especially in winter, with the average January temperature being 0ºC and the lowest temperatures reaching -30°C. The average July temperature is 11 degrees – reaching 20-25ºC in the warmest summer days. So no need to frantically pack all your warmest clothes and Grandma's knitted woolen socks. Just toss a couple of sweaters and a pair of warm ski pants – they will be extremely useful if you get to watch the snow-white glaciers.

Glaciers and Blue Lagoon
The glaciers and ice caps of Iceland cover 11.1% of the land area of the country. There are 13 largest glaciers, from the biggest Vatnajökull of 8.300 km2 to the smallest Snæfellsjökull of 11 km2. Virtually all the glaciers offer guided snowmobile. If you have a driver license, gloves and warm clothes on, 3 hours of free time and some cash, go grab the nearest snowmobile! In a group of 2-30 people you can tour the boundless ice desert. However remember unsupervised driving is forbidden because of the high probability of missing in the snowy fog.

After a chilly trip to the glaciers, there is nothing better than a good hot long bath. An ideal place to relax and bathe in steaming waters is Blue Lagoon spa center – a unique geothermal resort. According to the public inquiry held in 2005, it is considered to be the best thermal and medical complex in the world. The lagoon is partially natural phenomenon: a huge lake of hot water in the middle of the lava field appeared as a result of work of the geometrical power plant supplying Reykjavik with energy. Averaging 35-40°C, the milky waters of Blue Lagoon are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur and excellent for medicinal and recreational uses. Iceland has a strict code of hygiene and guests are required to shower without clothing in the communal shower area before and after bathing.

Geysers and Volcanoes
Iceland is a paradise for nature-lovers. The place that is a must-see for tourists is Haukadalur – the valley of geysers. This is a knock of a place. There are a lot of little hot springs. Some of them are filled with “idle-state” turquoise water, while in the others the water boils and gushes making huge fountains. The most famous is The Great Geysir that gave rise to the word ‘geyser’. The geyser erupts three times a day sending boiling water sometimes up to 70 metres into the air. It’s worthy waiting to watch it and at the moment of its activity the amused tourists with numerous photo and video cameras enthusiastically snap, shout and clap their hands. Indeed nobody can be left untouched by such a miracle of nature. The second famous geyser is...

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24 ноября 2011


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