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журнал «English4U»

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Stand Clear. Man Cooking / Phenomenon

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No more is cooking a feminine occupation only. Long gone are the days of women slavery in the kitchen. Modern men think of cooking not as of a hard work, but as of a relaxing hobby.

Once, inspired by charm and sloppiness of English chef Jamie Oliver, my husband decided to incorporate a few new ideas into his culinary practice. Being Leo by zodiac sign, he is totally sure that he is the Cooking God and that he actually doesn’t really need the recipe to follow – that time it was seafood spaghetti with cream sauce and crispy bacon. Bacon failed to be crispy and creative juices prompted my significant other to use tomatoes in the cream sauce. So the result was a bit different from what we saw in Jamie’s program, but trifle occasional blunders never bother him. Anyway it was a win-win situation – my darling got a hearty dish, while I was rewarded with a lazy evening.

My hubby's not the only one cookin' up a storm. So many men are finding their way to the kitchen. “The ability to cook will only make a man look more sophisticated, more modern and more aware of what's going on today,” – says Dan Davies, Deputy Editor of Esquire Magazine. And women definitely appreciate that quality. If a man can cook, first, it means that he is not bothered with outdated stereotypes about women and her place in the kitchen. And second, it means that his woman doesn’t have to cook all the time, which is also very nice for a change.

Cooking programs, with Yulia Vysotskaya in the lead, specialized periodicals like Gastronom and Gourmet, popular films like “Julie and Julia” (about American TV personality and author Julia Childs) and animation “Ratatoille”, and growing range of fancy products in supermarkets gave rise to culinary conscience of the population in general, and men in particular. Magazines like Men’s Health, Esquire, GQ, and the likes, eagerly offer cooking advice on a regular basis. Today knowing how to fix a simple meal is a norm for modern...

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22 сентября 2011


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