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Mystery Of The Dying Bees / Nature

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There’s something wrong with honeybees these days, and it’s got scientists and doomsday enthusiasts all abuzz. You see, every autumn for the past couple of years, about 20% of an afflicted beekeeper’s honeybee hives are dying off in a strange new way. The bees have been leaving the hive and dying elsewhere. You may have already heard of it, Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD is the term that’s been coined to describe this new phenomenon. The problem here isn’t just that 20% of the bee colonies are dying off every year; the problem is that it’s another 20% on top of the annual losses normally experienced by beekeepers for all the other pests, diseases and problems that plague honeybees today.

Another problem is that the younger generations today are so disconnected from nature that they are not taking up beekeeping, so as older beekeepers retire, no one is there to replace them. Of course pesticide use has always been another long-running problem for beekeepers, as is the loss of forage flowers for the bees.

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20 сентября 2010


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