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№3 (99) – март 2011

  • Legendary Joan Crawford / Cultperson
  • Mishaps: Five reasons to look forward to troubles / Lifetime
  • The Busy Person's Guide To Romance / For men
  • 9 Things I Learned About Women From Editing Maxim / For women
Legendary Joan Crawford

Legendary Joan Crawford / Cultperson

Rumours of Joan Crawford’s freewheeling sex life had circulated Hollywood for many years. The star of such classics as Mildred Pierce, The Women and Grand Hotel conducted relationships with many of her directors and leading men. As we will see, these ranged from a disastrous liaison with Spencer Tracy to a deep bond with Clark Gable which lasted more than 30 years.

Mishaps: Five reasons to look forward to troubles

Mishaps: Five reasons to look forward to troubles / Lifetime

1. They save you from overworking
There are a lot of pluses in being a queer fish that can’t be as self-collected as other people want them to be. It is a perfect way to shirk your routine duties when you haven't got the energy to work any more. So if you have spent the whole working day trying to remove coffee stains...

The Busy Person's Guide To Romance

The Busy Person's Guide To Romance / For men

No time for romance? Try RoMints: delicious, bite size nuggets of romance anyone can pull off.

9 Things I Learned About Women From Editing Maxim

9 Things I Learned About Women From Editing Maxim / For women

A former Maxim editor reveals the wisdom he gathered while working at the famed men's magazine.

Five Kidnapping Cases That Made History

Five Kidnapping Cases That Made History / History

When I was a kid, my mom was always chiding me to stay close to her for fear that I’d be “snatched.” When I got a little older, I decided my mom was crazy, paranoid, and overbearing. Kidnappings never really happen, right? But now that I’m much older and have heard and read countless news stories about abducted children and even adults, I realize that kidnapping is a very real threat.

P. G. Wodehouse, The Art of Fiction

P. G. Wodehouse, The Art of Fiction / Literature

Sir P. G. Wodehouse (1881 – 1975) is widely regarded as the greatest comic author of the 20th century. He wrote more than 70 novels and 200 short stories, creating numerous much-loved characters, including Lord Emsworth and his beloved Empress of Blandings, the inimitable Jeeves and Wooster, Mr Mulliner, Ukridge, Psmith and the Oldest Member.

Embarrasing Language Mistakes

Embarrasing Language Mistakes / Voyage

Part of the fun when visiting foreign lands is trying out the local language. In most places, folks will be delighted that you’re making an effort and will support your halting attempts. However, some common linguistic mistakes often trip up well-intentioned travellers. To save you from being accidentally hilarious, we’ve put together a list of the most frequent errors:

Laugh at a Joke!

Laugh at a Joke! / LifeUP

A young catfish lived, like all catfish, on the bottom of the pond. But one day, for a change, it swam to the surface. It happened that a cat was looking into the water. So the tiny catfish, very impressed, swam down again quickly.  It called to its mother, "Quick, quick. I have seen God."

Jeeves takes charge (by P.G.Wodehouse)

Jeeves takes charge (by P.G.Wodehouse) / Fiction

"Jeeves Takes Charge" is the first story in Carry on, Jeeves, a collection of ten short stories by P. G. Wodehouse, that describes Jeeves' arrival in his master's life, as a replacement for Wooster's previous, thieving valet. The very first Jeeves story concerns an attempt to prevent publication of an old man's memoirs, which contain embarrassing stories about aristocrats and other prestigious persons in their youth.

Обогащаем запас сленговых выражений

Обогащаем запас сленговых выражений / Nota bene

В эти предпраздничные дни предлагаю позабыть о скучной грамматике или о невеселых фонетических упражнениях. Давайте предадимся парочке-другой забавных выражений и слов, которые „попахивают” сленгом и уличным жаргоном. Несмотря на их сильно сленгово-разговорный характер они [эти речевые единицы] уже проникают в речь молодежных слоев англоязычного населения через тв сериалы и развлекательные передачи…

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