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Топик (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему «Искусство в нашей жизни / Art in our lives»

Искусство играет важную роль

Art plays an important role in my life. It aids the people`s understanding of their culture. No doubt tastes should be developed through images of high artistic culture, whereas works of popular culture as a rule meet consumer`s tastes.

In my opinion the habit of looking at good pictures is in itself a means by which taste can be formed. Art allows people to talk about emotionally meaningful experiences. Every artist tries to develop his own style of painting to differ from other ones. There are many styles of painting in art: a portrait, a still life, a landscape, a seascape and etc. An artist has the skill to combine form and colour into harmonious entity and to represent a brilliant colour scheme. The artist`s pictures may be dull, crude, chaotic and colourless daub of paint. But in spite of it they are an exquisite piece of painting.

I`d like to add that an artist can become famous overnight and die forgotten and penniless.

Вильданова Лейсан

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Евгения ГалкинаDenis’ School

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очень важная ремарка, я считаю, надо дополнить статью

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восторг,а не статья, надеюсь, эти правила улягутся в моей голове!