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Топик (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему «Британский и американский английский / British and american English»

Британский и американский английский — две разные жизни

Hello Guys! My name is Dyoma, I'm only 16 years old, nevertheless, I just fell in love with English. Today , I want to share with you something 'bout that subject that can you see above . You all know , that there are two similar languages American English and British one . And today , I'd like to tell you all thoughts that I have about it. To tell the truth , I prefer American English to British one. Even though, many people have the opposite attitude. And the americans I met , told me : "British English is the best variety of English in the world , not American one " I couldn't agree with them , as I loved it . Now, I wanna explain what I really feel 'bout that . To my mind , these languages have two different lives. You may ask me " what do you mean ?" Yep , exactly two lives . I had a lot of opportunities to meet native speakers from Great Britain and the USA. I talked to them a lot trying to find out something new 'bout their languages . You know , I did it . I realized that all languages had their own traditions , dialects , idioms ,slang , and these things show us what these languages really are . For example , British English has a lot of proverbs , right ? And most of them have their own source, the same things with American one . One more example the word pavement , in British English , means sidewalk when in American English , it means the surface of bridge . You see, one word , two different meanings . I suggest you to soak yourself in a language that you prefer . Probably , I'm fond of American English , as once one american came here , and he gave me the birth in English . He was my inspiration. Before that occasion , I hadn't known this language at all . I thought I would be kind of a program creator or something like that . But, I couldn't even imagine , that one day I would be an English whizz . So , guys , having read that , you have a choice , what English you want to live with.

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