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Ashlee Simpson

Текст песни с переводом слов Ashlee Simpson «That's why I love you».

That's why I love you

Because the way we kiss
Is better than any drug
Because when I’m with you
I believe in love
‘Cause you take chances most people never take
You go out on a limb1
And you’re not afraid to break
And it gives me faith
I thought I’d never find someone
As crazy as myself
No matter what I’ve done
You always come when I cry for help

That’s why I love you
And that’s why I love you
There’s no one in this world anything like you
And that’s why I love you

Because the times I hurt
You always understand
Because you cure me
With the sweet touch of your hands
Because you’re not afraid come off like a fool.
Without tryin’, baby, you define truth
And you make me laugh
I thought I’d never find someone
Who could see through my eyes
You always know when I tell the truth
And when I’m telling lies

No one, nothing, baby, gonna tear us apart
We’re stitched together, baby,
Right through our hearts.

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