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1. Decide on a date and time. This is often the most difficult task of the entire graduation party. If you are having guests fly in from other parts of the country, consider having your party the night or day after graduation. That way all of your guests can celebrate with you while they're in town. Another option is to wait until everyone will be in town anyway—is there a family wedding in mid-June? Perhaps have your party a few days before the wedding. Is your birthday a few weeks after graduation? Maybe you could have a huge birthday/graduation blowout. Whatever you choose, be considerate of your guests and your family—they have plans, too.

2. Figure out your budget. Parties are expensive, so figuring out your budget is key. The size of your budget usually corresponds to the size of your party. Broke? Consider throwing your party with a few friends; you'll cut the cost of items and rentals in half or in third. You may even be able to afford a nice reception hall and hire a DJ and a caterer, something you wouldn't normally be able to afford. Got lots to spend? Then the sky is your limit!

3. Choose a location. Now comes the fun part! 

A backyard barbecue is a nice option.

There are so many neat options for locations: your backyard, a local park, a restaurant, a campground, a fancy hotel, an amusement park, or the beach. Who said a graduation party has to be a stuffy affair in grandma's dusty living room? You could even do a half-and-half party: let your parents have their ideal party for you and, if it's not what you want, spend the rest of the evening with your friends. Take a boat out onto the lake or go camping over the weekend. Celebrate!

4. Have your local zoo donate some friendly animals to mingle with the guests. Trust me I've tried this, it's a hit!!

5. Make your guest list. Usually your parents will handle this part, but be sure to contribute your share. School friends, teachers, and professors should be on the list, too. When you are making this list, however, make absolutely sure that everyone who is supposed to be graduating that year is actually graduating. This will save you a very awkward moment when you try and invite someone who, as it turns out, failed too many classes to pass.

6. Buy and send invitations. Your guests need the basic info in writing, of course. Many schools offer packages for invites, but often at a high cost. However, students are increasingly selecting other routes, ordering from photo centers or making their own. Many people use simple, handwritten invitations and hand them out at school or work.

7. Create a menu. As bad as it may sound, many people hit up graduation parties simply for the food. Don't disappoint! Make your menu reflect the theme of your party. Having it in your backyard? Grill some burgers, hot dogs, and set out a few cold salads. Consider enlisting your extended family into bringing some dishes, like Aunt Anne's famous potato salad. Or you could always have a company cater your event. Though this option can get pretty expensive, you'll receive professional service and you can spend your time mingling with guests instead of slaving over food.

8. Buy decorations and decorate! You have tons of choices: crepe paper, balloons, tablecloths, centerpieces, posters, etc. Most people just decorate using the school colors. They also put out funny baby pictures, school projects and sports gear to personalize the space. You may want some kind of guest book or t-shirt for people to sign as well.

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