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Топик (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему «Рабочий день в офисе / Workday in the office»

Письмо о намерениях сотрудничества

Dear Rachel,

 I want to tell you about our ideas on the project. On Monday, the 20th of October we had meeting with my colleagues and we have spoken about our future plans. It is a good idea to prepare a video-conference at the end of November or at the beginning of December. It would be very convenient for all teachers. We have good relationships with Tomsk State University, I mean the Institute of Distant Education and it could provide us good connections. Our teacher offer to make a video-conference according to the following topics: Let us introduce our self, about school traditions; about Russian and English youth, its subcultures and personal attitudeto the history of the cities Bristol and Tomsk; For teachers: to make a video-conference about teaching English as a second language. The following questions could be discussed: Information Technologies at studying foreign languages (Internet, e-mail-games at lessons, tests), Partnership between school and Tomsk polytechnic University (preparation for the exams in English, City and Guilds-programmes). A new direction in the partnership could be a project “Intercultural communication between two countries - Russia and Britain.

Best wishes,

Valentina Filatova

Head of foreign language
School 56
Ul. Smirnova 28

Филатова Валентина

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