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Wishbone Ash

Twin Barrels Burning (1982)

Текст песни с переводом слов Wishbone Ash «Angels Have Mercy» из альбома «Twin Barrels Burning» (1982).

Angels Have Mercy

Look in the mirror, and what do you see?
Reflections of a person that used to be.
You're running 'round town, creating bad debts -
Let's face it, baby, your life is a mess.
You're driving fast now, and speeding again -
That'll never help you ease the pain.
There's nothing in a bottle you can take from the shelf
That'll bring you back to earth, 'cause you need help.

The angels have mercy on you,
But they can't stop you doing what you wanna do.
May the angels have mercy on you -
I'm gonna help you pull through.

Now you're headed down a one-way street -
Let the needle return.
I've been there. Who you meet?
Watch out, you're gonna get burned.
You can't blame me for the mess you're in -
All your life you've been fooling yourself.

I'll help you if I can -
You know I'll be there.
Life's too sweet to show this lack of care.

The angels have mercy on you,
But they can't stop you doing what you wanna do.

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