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Under Construction, Pt. II (2003)

Текст песни с переводом слов Timbaland «Insane» из альбома «Under Construction, Pt. II» (2003).


(feat. Candice "Gg" Nelson)

Ahh! Whoa! Feel it? Ugh!
This here is one of those joints you just ride out
Get your thoughts together
"GG" talk to me

[Candice "Gg" Nelson]
I like you cuz you are above average
So I might do things you don't understand
But I like to correct your bad habits
Cuz I want to make you an honest man

Huh! I got some precise questions bout my past life
Wondering why we so close to buildings on this last flight
Pray at night and keep my "Run" posted by the door
DMC above like Jason falling to the floor
My mind can carry of a picture perfect
Of my Aunt Mary
Her face in the mirror like she wasn't burried
I drink Hypnotiq let my conscience go (go)

Tim you need to take it slow (slow)

These endless songs got me waking up in cold sweats
What gets the real time wondering where Aaliyah at
I got a wife that watch another girl give me neck
Fix my lunch with plastic wrap up on my pita bread
I'll bite my tongue but she's so outspoken
To that box of Saran bust her head wide open
Handcuffs open my fists go up for Eminem
And when he's walking out his courtcase
I'll be walking in


I know you're safe (Whoooooo)
You're gonna stay (Whoooooo)
But your mind could change (Whoooooo)
I'm going insane (Whoooooo)
I'm going crazy!

You know them days when you troubled inside
All you think about fuck paying bills
You ignore em' you gone drink it out
That's the way that I feel as I am writing this
Sit back roll up a blunt take some delight in this
You been invited to a piece of my sanity
And vanity is absent does that weaken the man in me
My fantasy on side man reality bites
Who can't believe all these rappers let alone what he writes
I wasn't forced to lie to yall but I did
I don't own a plane or yacht or eat squid but
I'm entertaining there will be no explaining
I'm criticized for having fun
Killings more enovating they say
But anyway however ignorance chooses food
Its rude to tell you how you have been screwed
And I'm a part of the problem
And its racking my brain
Excuse me miss I'm half fool half insane


I can't believe that the world is so cold
That's why I keep a runny nose
And I wish my problems would go (Oh)
People don't know me
People don't ask me no questions
Bris Sparky D was an injustice
The greatest rappers man suffered depressions
So I'm signing niggas while Whodini's taking the publishing
My mind state is like the crime rate
A high percentage of your royalties is in my bank
New artists when you're trying to break
I'm prewarning you before you even hand me your tape (Let's go!)


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