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No Time To Chill (1998)

Текст песни с переводом слов Scooter «We Are The Greatest» из альбома «No Time To Chill» (1998).

We Are The Greatest

We are the greatest.

There will be Scooter in the house we gonna rock you tonite
and the incredible H.P. is gonna make you feel right.
There is Ricky on the case and wicked Axel too.
So come on join the party. Make your body move.
All those sexy girls are dancing to the beat on the floor
and the crazy guys are freaking out like never before.
Turn up the volume and make the speakers blast.
Move your body to the rhythm like this day is your last.

There's a party in the place and you'll be rock it tonite
so bring your body with your baby and I make you feel right.
It's a pretty celebration of a natural kind
and a pleasure your experience will blow your mind.
Everybody will be dancing to the beat on the floor.
You really come to situations never part of before.
Satisfaction guaranteed if you know what I mean
and if you walk in through that door it's such a freaky scene.

We are the greatest. We are the greatest.
We are the greatest. We are the ...
We are the greatest. We are the greatest.
We are the greatest. We are the greatest.
We are the greatest.

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